The Benefits of Hiring Network Security Consultants

23 June 2013 | Comments Off

As a business owner you often do not have time to really consider all the issues that could potentially plague your business. For example, one of the most crucial risks is some kind of security breach or hack into your information technology systems.

Business owners do not have the all the expertise or time required to deal with such complex issues. That is why it is important to integrate a network security consultant to assess your business and beef up your security. This will help prevent any future attacks on your network and you will have peace of mind knowing that you will be safe in case such event was to occur.

As a business owner you need to consider the pros and cons of investing in such.  It is important to remember that any glitch in your computer networks and software can cost downtime with your business. In this light, the dollars you spend protecting your company through a security consultant is well worth it.

Many network security consultants offer a variety of services that also deal with better infrastructure of your network in order to better deal with security threats. These other services include network infrastructure, network integration, network consulting and design, security and CCTV integration, voice services, and managed services all with an eye to security concerns.

The best consultants not only will better your infrastructure and keep you safe from security threats but will show through better infrastructure, design and implementation that your company could actually receive a return on your investment through this process.

What Business Security Integration Services Can Do For Your Business

20 June 2013 | Comments Off

Most businesses are concerned about their security, yet the vast majority have not invested in the extra step of integrating all their measures into a single designed, planned and implemented solution.

This could be detrimental to your proprietary property, including intellectual copyright materials, patented processes or any other proprietary procedures you have developed in your business. Letting competitors have unfettered access to your most prized research, development and designs is simply bad business.

Business security integration services combine multiple security solutions into a single plan that secures all aspects of your business in order to avert corporate espionage, internal intellectual property theft, and accidental confidential information access.

Major components of a proper integrated security plan includes: access control including a card access control system limiting access to sensitive areas and recording who goes where, when, CCTV, CCV and/or Network IP Cameras on all high traffic areas, points of entry and building perimeters to prevent vandalism and monitor access and traffic patterns.

A business security integration services company provides customized designed solutions by evaluating your business in person and on-site. It analyses your company’s needs and outlines a plan to properly protect the company. Secondly providing project management and installation is crucial to the success. Lastly providing maintenance and warranty audits post installation at pre-determined times allows for a continued integrated security plan to be successful

Without these integrated security services your business is under continual threat from multiple external and internal forces forcing intended and unintended consequences upon your business.

Network Security Consulting: Defining a Hacker

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In the business of network security consulting whether or not to hire a so called “hacker” is a major question at hand for many companies.

Defining a Hacker

The true definition of a “hacker” is actually someone who is fascinated with programming and networking and finds ways to adjust the systems in a beneficial manner or even to find the loopholes in order to fix them before someone else discovers them. With that being said the term “hacker” is not used in reference to that definition in this day and time. When referring to a hacker most likely the person being described is someone who does the opposite of the true definition. Hackers as they are now called obsess over programming and networks in order to find ways to illegally break into company files and destroy data. The original definition is now called a white hat hacker and the later definition is called a black hat hacker.

Benefits of Hiring a once Black Hat Hacker

  • Firsthand experience; the first and most obvious benefit to network security consulting companies when hiring a hacker is understanding of what a hacker does.
  • Different mindset; a book trained network security consultant only knows how to be on the defense against hackers whereas members of network security consulting that were once black hat hackers themselves are constantly on the offense. Thinking like a black hat hacker and predicting future problems for the company.
  • Lesser pay; typically a network security consulting company can pay a once black hat hacker less salary due to prior convictions.
  • The risk; it is impossible to know whether or not a hacker has completely changed over to a straightforward consultant.
  • Trust; not being able to determine the credibility of the hackers reformation may instill a lack of trust that cannot work out in the long run. In order to have someone working for you successfully, especially in relation to confidential information trust has to be established.
  • Plus, depending on where the company is located legal issues may also be needed to take care of.

Downsides to Hiring a Once Black Hat Hacker

  • The risk; it is impossible to know whether or not a hacker has completely changed over to a straightforward consultant.
  • Trust; not being able to determine the credibility of the hackers reformation may instill a lack of trust that cannot work out in the long run. In order to have someone working for you successfully, especially in relation to confidential information trust has to be established.
  • Plus, depending on where the company is located legal issues may also be needed to take care of.

All About Computer Security Consulting

13 June 2013 | Comments Off

According to CNNMoney in 2009, computer security consulting was ranked #8 of the top 50 best jobs in America. This reason alone is enough to know more about it.

What Computer Security Consultants do

Within computer security consulting, consultants are responsible for building networks that protect computer systems from hackers, viruses and other forms of malware. Computer security consulting insures the safety of companies’ private information by having the consultants set up firewall and other security passwords. It is important that not only do other people not get into the networks but also private information such as financial reports do not get out.

Pros of the Job:

  • The fact that technology is forever improving and that hackers are developing new ways to break into computer systems every day the job of computer security consulting is always challenging.
  • Quite often computer security consultants are allowed to work from the comfort of home.
  • Since a hacker breaking into a company’s security system could cost the company lots of money and damage, top professional security consultant experts are paid very well.


Cons of the Job:

  • One major down side to computer security consulting is the stress and nature of the job. One mistake could cause you to lose your job.


Although there is no formal degree for computer security consulting, most companies would prefer someone with at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and also some experience. Having a degree not only shows that the future consultant is knowledgeable with computers and computer languages but is also dedicated to the job.

Running a Successful Ecommerce Business and Company Network Integration

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The reality of 2013 is that the key to a successful business is not just having what other people want or need, but for your products or services to be as convenient as possible. These days buyers do not only go after “quality” and “price” but convenience is one of the most important factors that help buyers make decision.

Online shopping is the key with a great number of people opting for shopping online. This is why businesses need to introduce ecommerce so that they do not lose on potential customers and continue to thrive in the cutthroat market.


Ecommerce which stands for electronic commerce is an industry where a business’ products and/or services are offered online. These types of virtual stores make it possible for anyone in the world to do business together; thus greatly increasing the opportunity for success.

Company Network Integration

Company network integration is a vital part of having a successful ecommerce business.  Just as convenience is a major key to being a successful business communication in an ecommerce business is also the key.  You must be able to interact with other business partners, suppliers and consumers or clients at any given time.

Company network integration allows for all those in contact with the ecommerce business to interact and perform all aspects of the online store seamlessly.  Company network integration also insures that with new technological advances and the ever developing online world, your ecommerce business will adapt and continue to be successful.

Everything You Need To Know About Business Network Integration

9 June 2013 | Comments Off

business network integration

What is it?

Business network integration sometimes abbreviated as BNI is a procedure by which companies create a process for easily and successfully connecting with other networks and software used across the world.

As Technology Advances

As technology advances the world lived in also changes. These days there are numerous businesses that operate solely online. To match up to the changing technology, it is important for companies to have an online presence.

In order to run these online options smoothly in connection with software used by other companies and personal users across the world there has to be some great plan in place. Businesses need to be online at all hours as they cannot afford to be unavailable when a customer needs them. Additionally, the solution they used should be tailor made for them. Having lots of separate components to a site that are not interlinked with one another does not work in this way; that is where business network integration comes into play.

How it helps

Business network integration is in place to quickly change and resolve any problems depending on what the software comes across. As previously stated, having a system in which various compartments of the website do not cohesively respond to one another does not prove to be effective in the current times. All components must effectively interchange with each other, which is exactly what business network integration does.  Business network integration is also vital in being able to adapt to the new technologies put out there every day.

Company Network Infrastructure: Microsoft Online Office Suite To SEE Changes

6 June 2013 | Comments Off

network infrastructureSoftware giant, Microsoft, is said to be planning to bring improvements to its online version of Office called the Office Web Apps. Rumors are that the company is planning to add new features like co-authoring of documents in real-time.

These changes are expected to occur over a period of time and Microsoft’s way to give more to its customers. These things will improve any company network infrastructure system as companies will be able to make a good use of Microsoft Office and enjoy its great service.

The web version, which originally released in 2010, is very popular today with thousands of people using it. With improved company network infrastructure functions, better speed and technology, more and more people are enjoying the benefits of this feature which is why Microsoft is planning to give it a major boost.

The software consists of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It is available for free as a part of the company’s SkyDrive service. Microsoft, however, will have to take strong measures to be able to stay afloat in the market as it receives stiff competition from other similar suites, especially Google Docs which is also a free tool and allows users to perform almost identical activities.

However, many say that Microsoft has a chance of leaving its competition behind because its Office is already extremely popular and it enjoys a good market standing which is why it is most people’s first choice.

Additionally, with the company announcing major upgrades, there is no doubt that it is gearing up for a big jump.

What is Business Network Infrastructure?

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business network infrastructureBusinesses today need to be connected to the internet to be able to successfully conduct their trade.  An intranet is equally important which connects the internal computers within a business allowing transactions to be conducted and correspondence of all types to take place.  Business network infrastructure provides the tools to link computers, routers, wireless access points and servers within a business allowing the flow of information to take place.

Business network infrastructure is a means of securing a business’ information within an intranet.  Unlike the internet, an intranet only allows limited (the ones you give permission to) computers or users within the business to have access.  This ensures that key data does not fall into competitor’s hands but allows successful communication between employees. They use both firewalls (blocking external access to the business intranet at portals) by limiting access to individual computers (using passwords and security settings that limit access). By using both methods this infrastructure ensures that your data is secure while providing a reliable means to conduct business and enabling communication.

Business network infrastructure can work with almost every business. It is useful in almost situations no matter if you are running a small store or a big corporation. Every company, irrespective of the nature of business, needs effective communication and this is exactly what this infrastructure can do for the company.

Network Infrastructure Disaster Recovery: Incorporating Cloud-Based Recovery into Business-Continuity Plans

30 May 2013 | Comments Off

As IT environments continue to grow and become more complex, companies are often stumped with its understanding.  As IT-dependent processes become more critical to a company’s function, loosing data or time is becoming unacceptable. Traditional network infrastructure disaster recovery time—typically 24 to 72 hours from a most-recent tape backup—are inadequate for most important enterprise applications.

With IT maintenance being important part of the structure of a company, many organizations are now face significant IT budget limitations and struggle to support these growing requirements.  However there is good news, a new and robust disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) or cloud DR model has come out that promises to deliver enterprise-class continuity, cost efficiency and flexibility. This comes in time as both accessibility and cost has forced many organizations to take their disaster recovery (DR) solution in house.

Key Aspects to Look For in a DRaaS Solution:

Location—Where is the cloud core located? Some vendors won’t reveal this, or they locate it in a country with inadequate data-privacy protections.

Financial stability—How stable is the DRaaS vendor? You are giving it your data—your prized jewels. A variety of storage service providers have gone bankrupt. You want to have a vendor in whose future you feel confident.

Experience—How much experience does the DRaaS vendor have in business continuity and disaster recovery? Some vendors have jumped into DRaaS because it is a hot area, but have little experience in continuity.

Security—What security provisions does the DRaaS solution include? Does the solution have robust physical and information security protections and monitoring? Is data isolated and encrypted?

Ability to handle large-scale disasters—Is the DRaaS vendor able to handle widespread disasters (such as hurricanes, nuclear accidents, etc.) in which many customers may simultaneously declare disasters? Does the vendor have a history of dealing with such large-scale events?

Scalability—Is the DRaaS solution able to scale to handle large numbers of servers and large amounts of storage? The vast majority of DRaaS solutions today are SMB solutions with only aspirations of meeting enterprise requirements.


As technology continues to be a backbone for all companies, it is important to take disaster plans into high consideration.  Companies must review their recovery times in order to have a speedy process with minimal loss.

4 Reasons to Connect with Total Network Consulting on Social Media Channels

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Thanks for checking out our channel for discussing new and interesting topics in the field, our  total network services and also answer your questions about what’s going on in your total network. With a presence on the following social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube. Why are we on so many? Because customer service is the greatest technology and we want to be at the fingertips of our clients to generate conversation and assist them. Here are four reasons why you should connect with us.

  • We put the “communication” in “telecommunications.”

We know not everyone is interested in hearing about the complicated technical workings of a company, network infrastructure and cabling. We want to get personal and have some real conversations with you. We want to know your thoughts on a topic. For example, did you know that we are philanthropic? Let’s get to know each other on another level.

  • We supply convenient customer service.

Have you ever had a problem with your product and needed to call a customer service line? You’re usually speaking with a recording and pressing numbers to get to an actual person. Now you can skip that step and find us online. You are probably already on Facebook, so just like the Total Network Consulting Facebook Page and we’re right there if you need anything. While you’re at it, connect with us on Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

  • We’re connected to some amazing friends.

We have alliances with some industry-leading manufacturers and we want you to join our network. HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya, Ortronics, and Corning are just a few of our fostered long-term relationships that you can be a part of too.

  • We are thought leaders.

If you’re looking for credible information, you have come to the right place. There is a reason why many fortune 1000, 500, 100 and small businesses alike, have chosen us as their trusted partner. We have customized our services because each client has a unique objective and goal. We take pride in providing true value in our work, and we want to transcend that to our social channels.

We hope you enjoyed our honest reasons of why we can benefit from connecting with each other. Keep in mind that this is the first blog post of many and we encourage you to check back for some invaluable information on the industry, the happenings in our corporation and much more.

If you have additional reasons that we forgot to mention, feel free to contact us and let us know what we missed.