All About Computer Security Consulting

13 June 2013 | Comments Off | tncllcadmin

According to CNNMoney in 2009, computer security consulting was ranked #8 of the top 50 best jobs in America. This reason alone is enough to know more about it.

What Computer Security Consultants do

Within computer security consulting, consultants are responsible for building networks that protect computer systems from hackers, viruses and other forms of malware. Computer security consulting insures the safety of companies’ private information by having the consultants set up firewall and other security passwords. It is important that not only do other people not get into the networks but also private information such as financial reports do not get out.

Pros of the Job:

  • The fact that technology is forever improving and that hackers are developing new ways to break into computer systems every day the job of computer security consulting is always challenging.
  • Quite often computer security consultants are allowed to work from the comfort of home.
  • Since a hacker breaking into a company’s security system could cost the company lots of money and damage, top professional security consultant experts are paid very well.


Cons of the Job:

  • One major down side to computer security consulting is the stress and nature of the job. One mistake could cause you to lose your job.


Although there is no formal degree for computer security consulting, most companies would prefer someone with at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and also some experience. Having a degree not only shows that the future consultant is knowledgeable with computers and computer languages but is also dedicated to the job.