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You May be Killing the Network Service of Your PC and Not Even Know it

13 May 2013 | Comments Off | tncllcadmin

Not taking proper care of your computer can send it to PC heaven sooner than you know it.  Computers need love too, whether you realize it or not.  Sometimes our busy lives prevent us from taking proper care of our devices.  Even the simplest changes can make a huge difference in everything from the network security to the life span of your PC or laptop.  Check out these nine bad habits according to Gear Burn, which may very well send your precious device you know you can’t live without, to its death bed.

1. Always using sleep mode

2. Skipping the updates

3. You believe every email is safe

4. You only use one backup option

5. Never maintaining your computer

6. You’re skipping the antivirus software

7. Don’t make office PC and laptops your problem

8. Your passwords are poorly selected

9. You keep rarely used software

Do you fall into any one of these habits? It is often easy to leave your computer on all night or utilize the same password for everything, we’ve all been there.  However a PC or laptop is an important investment not only money wise, but as you know, it is an important tool for your everyday tasks and needs.  Following those steps are simple and will better help save the life of your device.  For further details on those steps read here.