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10 Best Effective Lead Generation strategies

What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a sophisticated process that entails attracting attention, capturing contact details, and turning strangers into potential customers. Examples include a newspaper advertising campaign, an eccentric inflatable waving man outside your business, social media posts, or even a collection of whitepapers that provide practical guidance on a particular subject.

1. Create helpful content       

When done correctly, content marketing is incredibly powerful and, on average, produces three times as many leads (prospects) than outbound marketing tactics (such as cold phoning), all while costing 62% less. Make sure you provide an easy-to-fill form or at least a link to a page that contains contact information.

2. Retarget website visitors with ads

A lot of visitors to your website won’t become long-term leads straight away. Don’t lose hope, use retargeting to stay on their minds and build affinity.  Few people are aware that retargeted ads typically resemble other commercials they have already seen. Think about the Expedia advertisement, which was released after a blogger did some trip planning. This remarketing technique seeks to bring back website visitors who have previously expressed interest in the company’s offerings.

3. Seek new opportunities by marketing to clients with email

Email is still a wonderful way to get leads, despite the widespread claims to the contrary. A modern lead generation effort must include email marketing.  An email-based campaign may request an email address in exchange for a free download; afterward, it may request the recipient’s personal information. It would be wise to use drip marketing to nurture that email subscriber. This gradually conveys the value of your offering in the hopes that it will result in a conversion.

4. Keeping Customers Engaged

It’s important to keep prospective customers engaged with your company by answering their questions or concerns through live chat. We always love it when we can save time and that’s exactly what Website Chat does. Visitors to your site are often looking for information before purchasing from you so live chat queues up customers to answer their queries quickly. 38% of respondents in a Kissmetrics survey said their purchase was made as a result of the chat session, while 63% were more likely to visit a store after the chat session.

You might save time by doing away with manual labor by automating workflows and sales processes using tools like Zapier. If a client emails your company, for instance, you might gather their contact information, assign them a salesman depending on what they wrote, and then send them an email to welcome them to the team.

5. Pay attention to your SEO

Although optimizing your website for search engines may not sound glamorous, it is unquestionably one of the best ways to get quality leads. It won’t hurt to incorporate some SEO into your efforts, whether your main focus is on producing informative content or other kinds of lead magnets. 

6. Offer free tools

Offering free tools will attract people with specific pain points or who need to complete specific tasks. Only a small percentage of customers are interested in your services when they first land on your website.

Focus on giving them the answers to their most pressing demands so that you may attract up to 96% of your visitors and keep the potential consumers who browse your website without making a purchase. One of the key steps in your funnel process is nurturing leads into prospects. Moz offers a free SEO Tool that can be found at the bottom of their search engine optimization results. They offer a free trial for their Premium Paid Product, which may be worth checking out.

7. Develop referral programs

Customers who love your product are great leads. They’re likely to recommend you to friends and colleagues that have similar needs as theirs. If a customer enjoys your product and wants to show off, make it easy for them to share. Instead of asking your customers to do all the work, offer referral programs that get them discounts or rewards for keeping their friends happy.

 8. Capture interest on customer review sites

No matter what industry you’re in, there are review sites that are catered to potential customers. One proven strategy is to reply to reviews, ask your customers to post supportive reviews, then make changes based on the feedback you receive. A recent survey found that one-third of consumers used review sites to research products before buying them. We also joined the Amazon Associates program, which allows us to earn revenue from the sales of products on the platform.

9. Create multimedia content

It seems like more of our online interactions are increasingly being done through video and podcasts. For example, 90% of consumers report that they use video to make buying decisions and are 64% more likely to purchase after watching a video.

Pyramind is a music production company that creates long-form videos that offer expert advice to potential customers. And companies choose Wistia because it makes it easier for marketers to reach people that may have found their company on YouTube.

 10. Offer free webinars

More than half of marketers believe that webinars lead to the most high-quality B2B leads. You Need a Budget offers all sorts of free material that’s designed to help you with budgeting. They offer free seminars and courses, but their app for helping individuals manage their budgets is where they really shine. New potential leads frequently decide to stick around once they learn about all the capabilities the app has to offer, which includes planning, saving, and donating budget area, because of how much it can benefit them.

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