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This eco system merging business is all about creating growth and providing contribution. We look to support the business owner in whatever area of business is needed to make the largest impact. Our team has experience in all areas and through our partnerships we can guarantee a breakthrough in any business that is my guarantee.

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TNC owner Jack Tavares spent the last 20 years supporting Fortune 500 companies with Technology solutions. In doing so he have created a Brand Recognition and an expertise in the field. Over those same 20 years in raising his Influence mastery, self-mastery and process Mastery, he have studied and modeled some of the greatest in all areas of life. Jack Tavares is currently a Platinum Partner in the Tony Robbins World as well as a strategic partner in Unblinded. He continues to support Landmark and all its programs. Landmark was baseline for all the breakthrough and growth that was created as he have developed himself over the years. Jack now has business ventures in over 10 different states. Adding more this year as he continue to scale and also creating an international presence. His business range from technology solutions, virtual assistants, real estate, marketing, business consulting, 1 on 1 coaching, eco system merging and joint ventures.

He realized a few years ago that his true purpose is to support and serve others. Jack Tavares is here to impact lives and have dreams fulfilled by supporting business owners and causing leadership. The work that we do and the partnerships he have created by eco system merging will impact over 100 million people. Currently, Total Network Consulting created the ECOSYNCS team to make the vision come into reality and is looking to partner up with an existing startup incubator in 2021.