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Wireless Solutions

The easiest thing to get wrong.

Many wireless providers oversimplify their installation plans and leave their customers with incomplete coverage or an overinflated budget. The people who use your building deserve fast, reliable wireless access. TNC can help.


Smarter Networks = Better Results


A 100-foot router radius doesn’t mean you’ll have blanket coverage by placing one every 100 feet. To optimize your wireless network, building construction, layout, and even wiring for lighting must be considered. Examining all the potential issues takes time, but this is a job worth doing right.


Our proven process has saved our customers considerable amounts of money. We physically get into the space to test and evaluate wireless ranges before we lay down a single wire. It’s the only way to make sure you are getting the best possible value out of your budget.


Of course, there is more to wireless than range. We put an equal focus on aesthetics and security since wireless can be the most vulnerable part of a network if not protected correctly.