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Always proactive, never reactive

A plan that never changes from the beginning of a project to the end is probably flawed. Situations change, new challenges arise and, as your tech partner, it is our job to forecast them and adapt.


Time is money, so we do it right the first time.


Big projects are complicated, and you have more to worry about than the technology going into it.

We are meticulous in our planning so that there are no surprises. We give you solutions that work. Period.

What It's Like to Work With Us


“Being a developer in Florida requires a lot of trust in your partners and their ability to deliver. We build unique high end projects that are hundreds of millions of dollars. Jack Tavares and his team have been extraordinary working with our internal team on the design/consulting of the technology solutions that are later to be installed. This has saved us a lot of money and elevated the services in our buildings.”