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About Us

Our clients have trusted us for over 20 years. Here’s why.


At TNC, we are not just an IT company or contractor that puts a band-aid on a problem. We create real solutions and real relationships. We earn the trust of the people we work with and are considered part of the team. We go above and beyond, every single time.

We created our Core Values to represent how we do that and to show the DNA of Total Network Consulting.


Core Values

    • We do the right thing
      Our team acts with integrity and honesty. We do the right thing every time, even when it hurts us financially.
    • We win together
      Above all, we are one team. Relationships deliver results because we can’t do our jobs without each other. We unite to deliver results for our company and customers.
    • We evolve and adapt
      Mistakes happen, but we must learn something from them and get better. We love tough problems and new challenges. We embrace self-development and look for ways to improve.
    • We have fun while we work
      We believe in having fun in and out of work. We get a lot done and have fun along the way. Laughter strengthens our relationships.
    • We have a customer first mentality
      Our company exists to strengthen businesses. We make every decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our customers. We bring added value to every client.
    • We genuinely care
      We leave people and things better than we found them. We create raving fans for our customers and each other. We are always available.
    • We check our egos at the door
      No one person is above the team. We like to debate thoughts, ideas and plans to make things better while seeking, accepting and giving feedback fearlessly to continue our personal and professional growth.


Mission Strategies

Our Core Values are the “why” of our mission and our Mission Strategies are the “how.” Everything we do, from planning a multi-million dollar project to fixing a crashed server, ultimately stems from one of these five goals.

    1. Leverage our existing relationships in order to expand our network, reach more clients and reach our sales goals.
    2. Capitalize on our expertise and experience to continue to provide value engineering, maintaining our flexibility and availability while providing growth for our clients and TNC.
    3. Optimize and expand the existing team to harness and maintain our growth culture, develop team members and create leaders.
    4. Enhance customer satisfaction and company performance through improved collaboration and communication.
    5. Invest our team’s diverse skill sets and background to achieve our clients goals and our goals.



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