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Advancements in Technology

‘Technology’. A simple word that makes our lives easier. Practically everything is involved with technology. From our communication to our education. Even in the world of medicine, technology is very essential. Every year, technology is improving and evolving. It felt like only yesterday when phones were foldable. As of now, due to advancements, the screen itself is foldable. It is quite fascinating. 

We are aware that the advancements in technology are rapid. As humans, we tend to not only think of the benefits of technology, but also the disadvantages that may occur due to the advancements. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the advancements in technology:


  • Saves time– What is better than taking down notes manually?  You can save time by taking a picture of the notes that need to be copied down, making it quick and easy. By saving the time, we can use it for other important activities. With the constant advancements in technology, a lot of activities such as cleaning, working, and commuting are accomplished faster.
  • Communication– Have you ever thought about how people in the past communicated? They would communicate using letters that would take weeks or months for them to receive. Nowadays, with just one click, that person from the other side of the world can instantly get your birthday greetings.
  • Convenience in everyday life- An example of this is when you want to transfer money to someone. It now makes more sense to avoid the long lines at the bank by using a banking app instead. Advanced technology can be found in food places as well. Some places may have kiosks with touch screens, making it quick and simple to order.


  • Expensive- Having fancy technological devices like bigger and flatter TVs, smartphones, and the latest cars will most likely cost you a lot.
  • Dependability – Due to technology always being around, we depend on it a lot. Our dependence on technology can be too much at times. This can cause people to lose their ability to think as well as they used to. Their ability to think has been hindered due to the use of computers, as they always give us all the information we need. For example, our spelling mistakes can be corrected by computers. This can cause people to feel as if they shouldn’t learn basic grammar and spelling.
  • Shortage of jobs – An increase in technology is going to ensure that some employees may be replaced by machines. Some tasks can be achieved faster and cheaper by a machine than a human. While we’re fascinated, we may not realize that behind that amazing device, a person’s job has been lost.

However, the problem is not the technology. The problem is how people use the technology. Essentially, technology is meant to aid processes, increase efficiency, and productivity to make life easier. 

Despite technology’s positive or negative impact, the contribution that it provides is essential.

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