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Does Cable Management matter?

Does your work station look like a mess? Like an overgrowth of rubber vines twisting and tangling all over? That’s probably what it would be like without proper cable management. Whether it’s at your workplace or just at home, you don’t really want to see your wires and cables all jumbled up. Aside from causing possible harm to your electrical devices, this could also be a safety hazard, and could damage your health.

Other than creating a visually pleasing work environment, Cable Management is very important in terms of connection, usability, functionality, and overall protection. It becomes apparent in situations like:

  1. Avoiding injuries and electrical shocks – This is one of the most important things we must avoid when handling cables. At best, you may just feel a slight jolt. At worst, a severe electrical shock could cause a lasting impact such as permanent scars, burns, and even internal injuries.
  2. Preventing short circuits which can lead to electrical fires – This is very crucial because of fire safety. If cables become too tangled, especially if worn out and exposed, it is more likely to create sparks and eventually, fires.
  3. Troubleshooting – One of the initial tasks while troubleshooting any kind of electronic equipment, as simple as checking your internet connection to make sure it’s still in good working order, is checking the cable connections between your devices. The ability to easily and quickly access the cables that needs to be fixed and maintained is one of the reasons why cable management is so important.
  4. Ease of use – One of the most important reasons for proper cable management is to provide you and your employee’s easy access to not only access and use the cables themselves, but also to the devices they’re currently connected to. Tangled and unorganized cables can lead to unnecessary stress, makes maintenance more difficult, and may interfere with basic tasks.

Overall, proper Cable Management has 3 important benefits that we should be mindful of, namely; Safety, Efficiency, and Orderliness.

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