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How technology has helped innovate businesses in a time of a pandemic

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner? If so, in what ways has technology helped you with your business during the pandemic?

The innovation of business nowadays has presented new trends that pushed entrepreneurs and business owners to constantly improve their ways of keeping up with the demands within the industry. In today’s busy business environment, the use of technology makes it quicker to get in touch with customers and have easier business transactions.

When the pandemic emerged in the first quarter of 2020, most businesses were temporarily shut down because of the mandated lockdown. According to Tiger Tyagarajan, CEO of Genpact, businesses that are slowly coming back to work will have different ‘post-crisis reset’. A lot of them have failed to get back up on their feet, but most chose to rise to the occasion and adapt to the modern ways of reaching customers and potential clients through digital platforms, such as social media.

This situation emphasized the importance of technology and how it greatly impacts the culture and efficiency of businesses. As the economy is still trying to recover from the shifting demands that imposes social distancing rules and similar safety protocols, most people stay at home and lean in on moving commerce online when dealing with their essential needs. According to a research from Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), businesses stayed afloat because they are willing to adapt to technological approaches and immerse themselves through various adjustments the ‘new normal’ brings. 

Although some small businesses have not invested in their tech as much as others, traditional business owners eventually learned the basics of creating social media platforms where consumers can select what they want to order and have contactless deliveries.

As entrepreneurs and business owners continue to gear up amidst the ongoing pandemic, technology exponentially advances every second, and so it’s only smart for companies to prepare and equip themselves for the future and use every bit of technology to their advantage.

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