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How to Stay Healthy while Working from Home

It’s no secret that health really is wealth. With the uncertain times we are in, we have had to change our priorities here and there. And one way or another, we might have done a few things that put our health and well-being at risk. Sometimes, it does get too comfortable to lounge and eat whatever we want at home while we work. However, we still need to find the right balance so we won’t compromise our health most especially. In this article, we tackle how to achieve and maintain the ideal overall healthy well-being while working remotely.

During the past year, many of us have found ourselves working from home. It might not be necessarily our choice, but it’s become a permanent set-up for some. Most WFH schedules are graveyard shifts, which means people have no choice but to adjust their sleep. Even if you’ve been at it longer than others, it’s important to continually learn how to keep yourself physically and mentally at best. It may take a while for you to get used to it, but you’ll eventually find what works best for you.

Keep a healthy diet

When talking about keeping a healthy diet, this doesn’t automatically mean the amount of calories you take in a day. It also refers to staying hydrated at all times, drinking your vitamins, and doing regular exercises whenever you can. According to World Health Organization, a healthy diet helps us to protect ourselves from diseases and other leading global health risks. Skipping meals has always been a no-no, so try to stop whatever you’re doing and eat at the right time. As much as stress increases our cravings, do your best to snack on fruits, crunchy vegetables, and high-protein food sources.

Set a schedule

Whether this means for sleep, for exercise, or for tasks, it’s essential to set a schedule and train yourself to follow it along the way. Not only does this decrease work-related stress, but it also increases your performance and productivity. Build a structure by physically writing down your to-do list for the day or week and include the specific time. Time blocking has been proven to make tasks manageable as it improves your focus and prevents you from procrastinating. Founding Father Benjamin Franklin was one of the pioneers in using such technique. No wonder he was able to allocate more time in discovering and inventing plenty of things during his lifetime!

Take a break

Even if it’s only a 5 minute break, a 3 day-off, or an entire week, do it – you deserve a break! After all the work you’re putting in, it’s totally normal to get burnout on doing the same things over and over again. Also, we spend hours sitting in front of the computer, so why don’t we get up and move around? However you choose to do this, always be mindful to keep your thoughts away from work while you’re taking this particular break. Once you’ve set these boundaries, you’ll have a peace of mind and be kinder to yourself when you’re in stressful situations.

The transition from working in the office to working from home is very challenging. Ask yourself, “Which aspect has been difficult for me and which has been easy?” Some could answer about their diet, their body clock, their time-management, stress and etc. Whatever it may be, learn to assess how you’re going to deal with situations that calls for you to put your health first. This pandemic has taken a huge toll on our overall health, so we all need to remain head-on and motivated to continue doing what we have to do in life.

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