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Identifying the Right Employee for the Company

Hiring people is easy, but hiring the right people is not. We are all looking for the best people in our company, aren’t we? According to the Department of Labor, selecting the wrong employee results in great losses to companies. Good educational background and experience are important, but without the necessary abilities, it’s not as useful as you think.

In this article, we discuss ways to help you decide who you’d like to be a part of your company. 

How to Hire the Right One

  • Making Criteria

When you have listed down a certain criteria, it makes it easier to determine what exactly you are looking for. It could be a specific skill set or capabilities, and what they can generally bring to the table. A well thought of criteria will help your decision-making process become easier and make your selection justifiable.

  • Background Check

Take time to perform a background research and scan prior work experiences accordingly. It will greatly influence your decision making process to examine your aspiring applicant’s career progression over time. Some of their background information may be incorrect, and you should give them the opportunity to correct it.

  • Right Questions

Asking the right questions are very important to obtain the information you seek and even more. List down questions on what you want to know, and it will help to ask open-ended question and follow-up questions. Take time to make the discussion encouraging and avoid questions that might offend the applicant.

Who is The Right One?

  • Shows Interest

One of the key indicators that they are genuinely committed to getting the position is that they show interest. The right people must possess the ability to have the initiative to get the job done without asking. They also must be able to get along with the team without any problems or causing conflicts to the group.

  • Ability to Produce Result

The right people for your company must be extremely efficient and knowledgeable about what they do. These people are capable of completing tasks in a short amount of time, even with less supervision. With that, they need to have a good time management and have ability to meet the deadlines after deadlines.

  • Passionate and Responsiveness

The right one will go beyond to ensure the company’s success and will continue to carry good intentions. They can maintain their cool, are always prepared, and can work under pressure when push comes to shove. When challenges arises in the workplace, they know how to deal with it better and how to address matters properly.

These days, it’s easy for people to create fake realities only to get what they want without realizing the consequences. Remember, it’s important not be desperate in looking for people just to have roles filled in. Have them go through the right process so you’ll get to know them more than what they’re willing to present. At the end of the day, you want to hire people who can help bring your company success and abundance.

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