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Must Have Tools for Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants perform a broad range of tasks that can sometimes be time-consuming or complex without the right tools. Thanks to the internet, various virtual assistant tools have been available online! The only downside of having these various options is having to decide which tools should be among your list of must-haves. Worry not, because we have made a list of the virtual assistant must-have tools.

Task Management Tools

As the number of clients you work with increases, so does the complexity of managing the tasks and workload. Thus, the task management tool is considered the most important must have for virtual assistants. It helps keep track of all the tasks you have to do for your clients and your business.

E-Signature Tools

In signing contracts and other documents, having an e-signature tool in place is a must-have too. It is used for getting electronic signatures for various important documents. 

Communication Tools

Effective and reliable communication is the foundation of the virtual assistant’s profession. Choosing a communication tool is best when one supports a combination of video, voice, and text to achieve a consistent and effective outcome.

File Sharing and Management Tools

Sharing files over email can cause you to lose track of files, which is not effective. Having a file sharing and management tool is an effective way to handle files where you and your client could collaborate smoothly.

Online Calendar/ Scheduling Tools

Having a scheduling tool is also a must have for any virtual assistant. It is one way to keep track of your own time – especially when one of your responsibilities is to manage your client’s calendar.

Social Media Tools

Social media has been a major force in marketing. As a virtual assistant, having social media tools to manage your client’s campaigns or boost your profile is a must have. To post content at the exact time and see the best results from campaigns, you’ll need social media software.

Knowing the various range of virtual assistant software will give you a head start when you’re starting your career. It will help VA’s perform complex tasks and streamline processes effectively. Familiarizing and developing skills with the virtual assistant software would be a great start in accelerating your career in the field.

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