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Optimal Security Camera Placements

Security cameras give an added protection to our homes and offices, while cultivating a peace of mind when we are away. Installing security cameras in the past required a professional to install and set them up. Today, you can simply install security cameras on your own. However, this can be overwhelming if you are unaware of where to install the cameras.

This guide will help you identify the strategic positions to install security cameras inside and outside of your home.  We’ll also inform you of a few things to take into consideration before installing the cameras.

Front Door

The front door is the most common area to install security cameras. It is the main entryway of the house, so it is sensible to place a security camera here. The key here is to consider where burglars are likely to enter the house. Placing a security camera at the front door also helps you monitor who’s at your door before answering.

When installing cameras at the front door, make sure to place them above the door facing down. By doing so, it covers the area a few feet from the opening.

Back Door

The back door is another common entryway for burglars. Therefore, it is essential to place security cameras here. Entryways that are undetected are where intruders are most likely to enter. Security cameras can help you monitor these undetected entryways, especially if you use them as often as your front door.

Main Hallway

From the inside of your home, installing security cameras in the main hallway can help detect suspicious movement. It is difficult for an intruder to move undetected with security cameras placed in the main hallway, even if they entered from the bathroom or bedroom.

Common Areas

Placing security cameras in common areas like the living room and kitchen will help you monitor people inside your house, especially if you need to be away for a while. Install security cameras in areas with large windows to avoid break-ins and tampering.

When installing security cameras, it is important to ensure that they’re strategically placed. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about suspicious activities happening inside and outside of your home or office. Having added security while you’re away from home gives you peace of mind and lets you enjoy moments while outside without worrying about the safety of your home.

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