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The Power of Clarify and Verify

Identifying when and how to ask clarifying questions can help you grasp what someone is saying to you in a variety of scenarios. But it’s still pretty common for people to follow instructions that are confusing and unclear which results in errors. However, these mistakes could easily be avoided and easily fixed by communicating properly. The problem usually lies on people not wanting or having difficulty communicating with the other person. So, it is important to practice proper communication skills to prevent these mishaps. One small thing anyone can do is to clarify and verify.

Let’s determine why clarifying and verifying is vital in every conversation:

Understanding the message

Clarification and verification means returning to the speaker the key meaning of what they have just stated, as understood by the listener. So confirming the listener’s comprehension and resolving any areas of uncertainty or misunderstanding is essential. This is also critical in many situations, particularly when communicating complicated tasks.

Preventing disputes

One of the main reasons why disputes commonly happen is when people misunderstands someone else’s message or intentions. Usually, agreeing to something that you’re quite unsure about is a bad habit which most of us tend to practice. If you’re going to accept the message, make sure you understand everything instructed to you regarding such task or information. Summarizing the messages conveyed to you with your own words is one way you can prevent such disputes.

Avoiding unnecessary information

As you get more engrossed and trained in certain tasks, more responsibilities and projects tend to be entrusted to you. Always remember to clarify and verify with anyone who gives out the information you need to complete your tasks. Voicing out your stressors and difficulties concerning these responsibilities can easily be given a solution this way. It’s important to remember that knowing what your weaknesses are can also be considered your strength.

At the end of the day, clarifying and verifying is about taking accountability for yourself and others. You’ll be able to help your team increasing your overall productivity by laying out everyone’s expectations and clarifying them clearly. Make sure to always practice clarifying and verifying and urge others to do the same as well. Training yourself to be mindful of these things can be an essential part of your personal and professional growth.

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