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Time Blocking: A Time-saving Hack

What is time blocking?

It is a useful way to schedule your day according to specific time blocks. Doing so will help generate a massive amount of productivity and get more done in less time. Blocking out your time in advance is an effective way to manage your workload and maintain a certain level of focus. Its approach to scheduling creates a more calculated and organized structure for the workday — so you can get into the flow and rhythm of work with fewer distractions.

Why choose time blocking over multi-tasking?

Time blocking allows for concentration on a single task. It stimulates more brain power to commit to what you’re working on, as lack of interference can boost attention to detail and provides fewer errors. It allows your creative juices to flow freely. On the other hand, multitasking, the arch-nemesis of time blocking, is the opposite. Multitasking is performing two tasks or more simultaneously, switching from one task to another in a quick manner. Instead of making things faster by taking two or more tasks at the same time, it actually takes more toll on your speed because your proficiency is being reduced. As the old saying goes: “You can never serve two masters at the same time,” It’s impossible for you to multitask without risking making blunders.

Here are the steps for doing time blocking:

First, determine and list the tasks that you need to accomplish. Second, give a rough estimation of how much time you would need to spend to finish each task. You don’t need to figure these down to the tea. Just an estimate would do for you to be able to track the duration of your tasks but stick to it if you can. Third, leave a few extra for adjustments. Oftentimes, things could go the wrong way. Some tasks which you’ve allotted a certain time for could unexpectedly cost you more than they should. Unforeseen tasks or emergency meetings could throw your momentum out. Being prepared for these sudden time thieves is the smart way to go.

Fourth, If you could, group similar tasks together. This could actually make things easier because switching your frame of mind isn’t necessary. Admin tasks go together, Social media tasks bunch together, and so on and so forth. Fifth, analyze your plan. Your time block schedule could evolve depending on certain situations. Review and modify it according to your immediate need. Lastly, the sixth step. It’s not a step but a recommendation. Carry out your time-blocking plan with the help of calendar apps. You don’t have to do this if you prefer jotting it down in your planner but it is a faster alternative. Calendar apps like Calendly, Google Calendar, and even your own phone calendar app!

Turning into a new leaf and using time blocking?

Have you really thought this through? Remember, commitment in everything is important to be able to establish things. Commitment like your word should hold value. Don’t just do things wishy-washy. Always circle back to your purpose and goal for using this method. Time blocking is only effective if you have a clear sense of what you need to do and by when you need it. Note that it isn’t always for everyone, but when you need a more organized and intentional focus built into work efficiency, it works.

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