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Virtual Assistance: How it has revolutionized online work

Pioneered by an American Entrepreneur named Anastacia Brice, the birth of Virtual Assistance dated back in 1996. She left the traditional employment scene and decided to establish a home-based business. She then created an organization for VAs (Virtual Assistants) called AssistU. It was designed to help VAs with their training, certifications, and referrals. 25 years later, it isn’t surprising how flexible virtual assistance has gotten. It has grown successfully over the years, and has made the lives of Virtual Assistants and their clients even better.

 From being a mere subcategory of administrative and secretarial services, Virtual Assistance has made a name for itself and paved the way for an increase in demand in the business tech world. Instead of hiring personal secretaries, business owners these days prefer to hire VAs. Aside from it being cost effective, VAs can achieve better work efficiency and business outsourcing in general.

Nowadays, this profession is generally one of the best remote work jobs. With only a laptop or a mobile device and a stable internet connection, a Virtual Assistant can work in any remote location. The services they can provide to their clients include, but are not limited to the following: social media & events management, managing calendars, appointments and emails, preparing reports and other similar digital marketing tasks.

Although some traditional entrepreneurs still seem hesitant to hire VAs to help with their needs, there are actually a lot of ways these remote workers can help leverage income and steer more business opportunities, such as: creating content, generating leads, and basically revamping the look of these traditional organizations. In a very competitive world we live in, it’s vital to always be on the lookout for new trends that are helpful to your company. Regardless of it being a remote work, the VA and the client must always maintain working hand in hand for the betterment and success of the business.

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