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Working remotely, the effective way of getting things done

Contrary to popular belief, working remotely a.k.a working from home isn’t new. According to, working remotely was the norm long before downtown offices and commuting even existed. But with all the technological advancements readily available to us, it has become more popular nowadays, and even considered as part of the “new normal”.

When the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in March 2020, companies all over the world were forced to send their employees to work virtually at their own homes. To an extent, it was sudden for a lot of employers and some were even on the fence to allow such custom in their businesses to take place, yet the coronavirus eventually left them with no choice.

 Overtime, both employers and employees realized how advantageous remote working can be for them, personally and professionally. says the World Economic Forum has pointed to workplace flexibility as the future of work. What do you think?

Here are some positive effects of remote work:

  • Freedom: People have better control over their personal lives and professional career at the same time since it allows them to work whenever and wherever they want, which may result in increased productivity levels.
  • No commute stress: Let’s face it, sometimes it’s the commute and not the job that causes burnout. Some researchers have linked long commutes to a lot of negative health impacts, physically and mentally. Although working from home still requires commuting to get essentials, at least it won’t be as stressful.
  • Less peer pressure: Some people don’t handle peer pressure well, and so being in one’s own space as they do their assigned tasks for work gives them peace of mind, which might be challenging if it was to be done in the office/workplace.
  • Savings: Working in the office usually requires spending money for gas or public transportation, business and corporate attires, dining out and other related expenses. Depends on how well people manage their earnings, working remotely gives them more room to set aside savings and even investing on small businesses. 
  • Better mental and physical health: Straying away from stressful commute and toxic work environment, this allows people to focus on their health, such as doing exercises, eating healthy food, and doing whatever contributes to their overall happiness.

Other than the better work-life balance and positive outcomes remote work brings to us, more importantly, we are doing Mother Earth a favor. Studies have shown that employees are less motivated to conserve energy in the office since they do not pay for the electricity bills themselves, and so by being accountable for our energy usage at home, we are creating a positive environmental impact overall. Less greenhouse gas emissions, less fossil fuel consumption and decreased air pollution, are some of the environmental differences that we have and we will continue to make as long as we are working from home.

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